AH solution

Here you will find all
solution models
Angelhelmet safety.
It may have workers
safe in the extereior or underground

AH solution There are 3 products.


  • Angelhelmet Units

    All units ANGELHELMET

    A model for each

    type of environment, workers

      outside or underground and

    any type of lamp


    Select your model!

  • Angelhelmet Box

    Angelhelmet box with a unit and its accessories,

    everything you need to start functioning in a box


    It never was so easy to be protected!

  • Angelhelmet chargers

    Chargers available for one

    or more devices according to



    Always operational units!

  • software Angelhelmet...

    viewing system interface and control with which ...
    We can see and manage data administered in the SERVER ANGELHELEMT. from the control room
    we will see users, we will receive alarms, communications (SMS or voice call), know the
    environment of each worker, we will control areas, we can get reporter of historical ...

    ....AND MUCH MORE.

  • Software Angelhelmet...

    Program that controls all workers, galleries, workplaces, workers alarms messages ....
    Angelhelmet manages the solution from the server room or data center

    It stores and manages data to inform the control room!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items