About us

About us

We are an engineering company specializing in I + D + i, we are works and we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of products, systems and high-tech facilities.

Backed by our experience in mining as maintenance of communications and control fiber optic, radio, security, access, control absences, etc. Today we are devoted exclusively to development manufacture and marketing worldwide series of Angelhelmet (inteligent electronic integral safety helmet).

Angelhelmet is born for modernice an element of passive safety as the helmet (indispensable both in industry and mining), this container  today haveof a number of systems that radically increase operator safety. In addition this results in an increase in profitability for the management company, to have full control over the workflow, tasks and fixed assets (machinery).

Our company is contained by our principles founded on 6 pillars:

1. The attitude of the CEO is key: Presistem S.L. personalize a positive culture, we think that if not, we can not demand anything of our workers.

2. Set clear goals: our company executives take care of their workers and clearly expose the problems and objectives that the company faces at all times. After difficult decisions in which we focus on the product beyond short-term profitability, we knew as a team that saving one life it was reward enough.

3. Be available: the managers and the whole team are always available Angelhelmet the changing environment and know their customers, so based on our tremendous experience, we adapt the product to a very high level.

4. Build relationships beyond work: In our company and our customers have always tried to increase the degree of engagement significantly.

5. Pay attention to the lives and circumstances: We apply both internally and with customers. We think in the circumstances and situation of each person to whom we can help, so we know more details of your needs in every situation of danger or fear, is always positive feel that all people are part of a big family.

6. Care of the environment: in all our processes. the tomorrow depends on what we make today