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Viewing and Control solution HELMET ANGEL

viewing system interface and system control ANGELHELMET.

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VISIONADO y CONTROL completo, amigable y fácil de utilizar

Software for viewing and control of the security solution ANGELHELEMET, is a complete powerful interface that makes available the data managed by the server ANGELHELMET.

Made in a friendly, intuitive and user-friendly environment we can with a few clicks:

  • View real time each of the workers at the mine, walking the galleries
  • Contact one, several or all at once using text messaging or voice call
  • Knowing the environment of each user
  • To know if you have any alarms
  • Knowing the air quality is breathing
  • We can know if you need help
  • If you hit and how hard and what happened instead of head impact
  • If I fainted
  • If moving
  • If you have entered a forbidden zone for (not allowed to enter this area)
  • If you have left an area (without permission to leave this)
  • If you have stayed longer than allowed in an area (not allowed long stay)
  • If you received a message from the control room or read the same (alarm message or information)
  • If you sent an SOS
  • If I enter no coverage area
  • If I turn off the unit unduly
  • We know the burden of his unit at all times
  • ...

With this interface we will program the units separately by companies or groups:

  • Schedule your gas threshold (level at which jumped alarm warning the user)
  • We program the impact threshold ( "G" from which the alarm jumped impact)
  • Program the static time (time to wait for each user system before considering stationary)
  • Program the Prealarm time (time when the unit warns of a danger to the user before sending an alarm to the control room)
  • ...

Also from this interface we can:

  • Configuring installation
  • Set alarm zones
  • set permissions
  • ...

O well:

  • View events occurred since the system was launched
  • View incidents or alarms that had a person, company or that happened in the mine over a period of time
  • We may make such reports filtering historical
  • ...

A simple but very complete solution that will procure a safe and efficient environment on your property, for more details download the presentations or manuals or tabs MEDIA DOWNLOADS respectively.


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Software Angelhelmet client

Software Angelhelmet client

Viewing and Control solution HELMET ANGEL

viewing system interface and system control ANGELHELMET.